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you can choose best flooring in here

you can choose best flooring in here

you can choose best flooring in here

We are a company capable of generating confidence and enjoying good prestige with our clients regarding the sale and installation of products related to carpets and floors. Our customers are our best allies so that "A & O Carpet" positions itself very well in the market.

With our people who are able to provide an excellent experience to our customers, when these provide us the confidence to provide our services we will achieve over time mark our mark for those who today embarks on the road take us as a benchmark in the market of floors.

Our 24/7 Support

We have support 24 hours a day and 360 days a year, for us it will be a pleasure to solve any need you have related to or floors, regarding the sale and installation of folders and other material you need..

Why Choose Us


Because we have the highest standards in terms of quality over the products we offer and professionalism in its installation.


We have the support and reliability of the best brands that we provide, we have the best prices in the market and above all we have the credibility of our customers.


In addition to the above and many other things that speak for us, we have an experience in the market that today positions us where we are

we are best any other

whats our client say about us

For A & O it is important the opinion of our clients, that they express their feelings and think about all our services is a valuable contribution for our continuous improvement

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Thank you so much for bending over backwards to get this job done! As you can see, the Director, Deputy Director, and Associate Director are very, very pleased! My manager (Pedro Colon) is also happy because your team's hard work and expertise made him look good to the top brass. Please tell the crew their work is a huge success.

Mary Miller

National Museum of American History